Why Novo Quality Services

At the Consulting Group, achieving results has been our differentiating factor. Our trademark in achieving powerful, practical and sustainable results is attributed to the following reasons that are unique to us:

One-stop Solution Provider

Whether it is a competency gap or an inefficient process, the Consulting Group offers one-stop integrated training and consultancy solutions to assist companies in achieving business excellence through the optimization of their human capital.

Deep Sector Knowledge

Over time, the Consulting Group has built a strong industry network, led by an outstanding track record in both domestic and global sectors such as Manufacturing, Service, Government, Engineering, Finance, Retail, Transportation, Telecommunications, and more. With our in-depth knowledge, we have the ability to address industry-specific issues.

Dedicated People

Customer-focused solutions are the forte of our dedicated pool of 30 in-house consultants and associates in our Consulting Group. With a growing network of experienced and specialized consultants, curriculum developers and training resources, we have the expertise regardless of the industry or market you are in.

Wide Global Network

In response to the increasing need for consistency in business practices and organizational performance as more business networks spread regionally, we have also expanded internationally to offer a breadth of localized solutions for international operations.

Leading Alliance Partners

To maintain our competitive edge, the Consulting Group consistently offers peerless and breakthrough solutions by harnessing the strength of best-in-class strategic partners. These select groups are considered leaders in their respective core competencies whose capabilities and business models align with ITS Holdings Sdn Bhd.