Our Benefits

A smooth sailing journey with the consulting group

The journey towards business excellence may be tough, but in partnership with the Consulting Group, you will avoid business pitfalls and detours with solutions that are focused to your needs. Through our integrated training and consultancy approach, we will help your organisation grow in leaps and bounds. Having trained more than 20,000 quality and management professionals. NOVO Quality Services is at the forefront of business excellence. In addition to those who have won the various Quality Awards, THe Consulting Group has partnered many top-tier Multinational Corporations and goverment offices that have achieved unsurpassed business result by global standards.

We salute these forward-thinking organisations who have made the difference in the business world by working hand-in-hand with NOVO Quality Services throughout the years.

Your goal is the starting point for NOVO Quality Service Consulting Group. While others simple focus on your problems, we focus on measurable and sustainable results by transforming every element of your organisation towards Business Excellence.

The following comprehensive services enable the Consulting Group to deliver innovative solutions that help people and organisations create positive value.